Baby Travel System

Baby Travel System are a combination of the Baby stroller , normally running as a base. This is then coupled with a Baby Basinette which acts as a Car Seat for the child. 

Some of the Car seats are fitted with a Base that remains in the car at all times, and the basinette portion is unclipped and used to transport the child. 

As the child grows the angle of some of the basinette type baby holders can be changed into the base for the strollers as per the diagrams below

In our opinion the best of these will have 3 sections 

1. The Baby Strollers preferably with a pair of front wheels on one pivot that makes steering easier. 

2. The Baby Basinette base that is fixed in the car 

3. The Baby basinette which is used to transport the child from the car to the house or into the stroller base 


In addittion they require access to or the ability to fit 

1. Child Gliders that fit to the rear of the stroller base and allows another small child to be transported 

2. A Baby Stroller Organizor that is fitted to the rear handles of the stroller 

3. Suitable covers for the child from rain and flies or insects 

Plus all of this neds to fit into a travel bag for aircraft use when travelling away form home with the baby.

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