Baby Jogger City Select Lux Stroller Review

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Today I’m, going to tell you all about the Baby Jogger City Select Stroller, Cobalt  We’re. So excited about this brand new, updated City, select version.

Remember: the city select is available to buy and if you have any questions about the city select Lux

We go ballistic with this when running or jogging,  it has a new braking system and they added all-wheel suspension on this. So it pushes even better in terms of the length of the stroller it’s, the same length as the previous version of the city select.

You may not even be familiar with the city select, so in general. This is a single stroller that converts to a double stroller. You may be looking at the city select, you may be looking at the UPPAbaby Vista or other strollers that were like their convertible strollers that they convert from a single to a double.

So in general-  The seat goes in both directions. You could add a bassinet to this. If you wish it does not come included with the stroller, so you just turn the seat around and then to recline the stroller.

There’s a little button on the on the back and you can just recline it backwards and forwards. There also a whole myriad of car seat, adaptors that you can get for the city select to enable you to attach any number of different types of the popular infant car seats right onto the stroller.


If you want to use a city select as a travel system, I have these sort of a double seat – converter adapters on here right now, but basically, when you buy this buy the stroller, it is going to look like this. ( to see this watch the video below)

This is pretty high as it goes. I’m 5 foot 11, and this is definitely going up much higher. So if you’re, a parent of like higher height, this one might be a good option for you.

There is a hand brake on the side – So if you are like going downhill and you want to like slow down the motion of the stroller, you can just pull up this little handbrake and it slows down the stroller.

And if you want to lock it, you just push this down and it locks into place and the wheels are locked into place. And then you just flip this up and the brake is off. So no foot brake.

This works perfectly well, so that’s, how this works as a single stroller, but one of the reasons why people buy the city select is that it converts to a double stroller

All right here are the adapters (watch the video) and they’re very easy to put on all you do is click one in and then click to the second one. Then you want to make sure when you put it in that the adapter lines up the same direction as the as the place we’re, inserting it so click that right in now that these are on all you do is take your Seat line it up and boom clicks in, like that, there are, like, I said, 20 different configurations with the bassinet or with two infant car seats that you can put on on it.

Something that people really like about the city select is a double. Is that the babies can actually face each other lots of parents who have twins love to be able to put their stroller in a configuration where the babies can look at each other so boom just like that they can do.

This is not as elegant when you’re looking at an upper baby. So if you’re, comparing this to a Nubble baby with a rumble seat, they really can ‘ T can’t. Do this? The sort of gets in the way again it isn’t like the perfect configuration because, like the baby’s, feet are going to sort of be touching each other or like being near each other, but in general it’S: okay, oh and then finally – and I think this is really what makes it super luxe – is they really upgraded the materials on this latest version, this nice, heathered, grey, canopy and fan seat fabric? Definitely a high quality materials that they put into this.


I’m, just opening up the little peek of a window on the top of the on the top of the canopy, which is super super nice. You may have questions about the city of select lux email me. Your questions, two questions that I’m, being calm, that’s.

What I’m here, for I’m here, to answer your questions about this product, any other double stroller or single stroller that you may have, or you can just leave your comments below we answer all of your questions.

The city select Lux actually folds 30 % smaller than previously. Let me show you how that happens. So when you can just do is just pull that up. It just closes right up like that. The previous version, didn’t, do that you can’t actually do it at the same time.

So what I would do is fold this up, throw this back on and then let’s, see how this folds. So then. I just pull from both sides: alright, it folds right down, and now it’s smaller, so it’s a little bit taller and more like a box shape, which i think is pretty good to open to back up.

So I just unlock that frame and then pull it back open, throw that down push that down and put it back together so play the previous city. Select it doesn’t. Do everything at the same time, but you sort of wanted to do at the same time, but it can do a lot of things which i think is a is pretty great another difference about the city select locks.

Is they added rear, wheel, suspension? This is pretty significant, so you can see I push it down. I can see the suspension sort of moving and that’s great because when you’re pushing a 45 pound child, it really makes the stroller a lot more balanced and a lot more easy to push it’s.

Going to be great, if you’re, doing a lot of walking city life, etc, it’s, going to be really really fantastic, so I hope you enjoyed our video about the Baby Jogger City Select lux, like I said,

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