InfaSecure Kompressor 4 Astra Isofix Convertible Babies Car Seat


  • Extended rearward facing to large 30 month old
  • ISOFix compatible installation
  • Shorter backrest for better rearward facing fit
  • Redesigned comfort insert and head pillow
  • Forward Facing with internal harness to large 4 year old (average 6 year old)


InfaSecure Kompressor Convertible Babies Car Seat

It needs to be stated that the  Kompressor 4 Astra is both an upgraded and also updated version of our popular Series 0 – 4 Convertible Babies Car Seat.

InfaSecure Kompressor 4 Astra Isofix Convertible Car Seat, Grey

The Kompressor 4 is an A4 rear facing babies car seat and restraint, allowing Extended Rearward Facing to a large 30 month old and then Forward Facing to a large 4 year old.

Thanks to the upgrade, This is a nice and compact at 44 cm across the widest point.  with a new, ultra-low-profile base, it’s 3.5cm shorter than the Kompressor II.

The Kompressor 4 also features ISOFix compatible installation. The new patented ultra-narrow, ultra-low recline swing base means you can freely access the ISOFix anchorage points in the vehicle without a big bulky base getting in your way. Our ISOFix connectors feature a unique pull-loop release.

This makes uninstalling the babies car seat restraint much easier than counter-intuitive push-to-pull button release connectors. When not in use, you can store the ISOFix Compatible connectors in purpose built, hidden compartments inside the restraint’s seat base.

Kompressor 4 Astra features Air Cocoon Technology (A.C.T.).  simply enhances side impact protection through blow moulding design, which dramatically reduces the impact forces during a crash. The blow moulded shell greatly reduces the impact forces on a child’s head and body in a side impact accident.

The easy-care Active Fabric covers on the Kompressor 4 babies car seat are hard wearing, cool and breathable. The machine-washable, press-stud covers can easily be removed for cleaning without having to uninstall the restraint, as can the shoulder pads.