Kids and Babies Stroller Travel Tray



Kids and Babies Stroller Travel Tray

STURDINESS THAT’S BUILT TO LAST – Flimsy is a word that doesn’t exist in our books. We don’t even know what it means anymore. If we were to make a wild guess, we would say it’s a kind of cheese.

While the babies stroller tray is solid enough for intense, forceful coloring activities (kids are passionate little creatures!), it’s free of sharp edges or anything that could potentially cause injury. We’ve researched what you want in a travel tray, and we’ve delivered.

VERSATILE PADDED SAFETY STRAPS – Compatible with 99% of seats. The 1% would be if your child regularly sits on the Iron Throne. The comfortable padding allows you to strap it directly to your child as well! The length is so versatile, it even fits adults. We know, because we’ve tried it. We had fun using it, too.

Kids Travel Tray - Portable Play Tray to Keep Baby, Toddler or Child Occupied During Travel In Stroller, Car and Airplane

EASY-CLEAN SURFACE – We know kids are exceedingly talented at creating a mess, so we’ve added a waterproof, protective layer on the tray’s surface for easy cleaning!

The high-quality printing is strong enough to withstand regular cleaning products, so don’t worry about ruining the cute animals’ faces. You can even clean it up on the go with a baby wipe to ensure it’s always clean and sanitary for your child’s use.

PORTABLE, EASY TO ASSEMBLE AND DISASSEMBLE – This babies travel tray is specially designed to be mobile, so don’t worry about needing to carry a bulky, box-like contraption everywhere you go! It neatly folds up into a burrito-like structure, so your child’s belongings won’t fall out either.

The strap that wraps around your child also doubles as a carrying strap for when it’s folded. For even more peace of mind however, we’ve included a free drawstring bag along with your purchase. What’s not to love?

GREAT FOR MAKING NOT JUST KIDS HAPPY, BUT ADULTS TOO – We all need a break from entertaining kids sometimes, so why not hand them this babies pram tray equipped with their favorite belongings? This tray isn’t exclusively for traveling-use it at home too if you’re tired of chasing them around. Dear parents, this one’s for you. Order now for a relief that’ll kick in faster than the fastest headache-relieving medication you have in your cabinet! We offer a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.


Our travel tray has a solid base, strong buckles, a padded safety strap, generous stitching, and full side walls! Enjoy peace of mind knowing your child’s items won’t fall and disappear in between seat cracks in moving vehicles.


We know how frustrating it is when kids snack in cars and make a mess. We understand you’re growing children with high nutritional demands-but is a clean car too much to ask for? Apparently yes… but not anymore, now that we’ve got this tray! Not only is it easy to clean-unlike other travel trays, ours boasts full surrounding barriers for the ultimate no-spill experience.

childs play tray and plane tray


It doesn’t matter which lap activity your child enjoys most, be it using an iPad, coloring, drawing, playing with toys, or snacking. Our table-like travel tray lets them do it all-simultaneously too if your child is a mini multitasker, due to its spaciousness.


Train your child from young to be organized with the ample storage space! Our tray has 14 mesh pockets, 6 of which are for individual crayons or writing utensils, and 1 of which can be used as a bottle holder.

Enjoy 2 zip pockets as well, 1 of which can be used for small, easily-lost items, and the other for big, flat items, such as coloring books and notepads. We don’t mess around with organization!


Tablet holders on other babies travel trays tend to block a fraction of the screen with bands. Reduced screen availability? No thanks! Our holder allows a full, uninterrupted view of your tablet screen.

Product Details:

  1. Material: Top-Notch 600D polyester
  2. Dimensions: 15 x 13 x 1.5 in
  3. Bonus gift: Drawstring bag.


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