MagiDeal Pram and Stroller Hooks



MagiDeal Pram and Stroller Hooks

Before We Start  ask the Question – Why choose us? and the answer will be that Our stroller hooks are perfect for hanging nappy bags, purses or anything else while your hands are full. When in control of the baby the last thing we need is to have our hands full. – It features a strong and lightweight hook, and the no-clip feature makes it easy to slip items on and off with only one hand. Now that you know the functionality of our hooks, get excited about the added extras you won’t be offered by anyone else!

pram and stroller hooks

Whats so Special about these ?

  1. Made from Durable, Heavy-Duty Aluminum Alloy
  2. These strong, safe and secure clips can fit on any buggy, pushchair,pram and stroller
  3. Fits a variety of stroller handles, and is perfect also for shopping carts
  4. It can be used to clip your grocery bags together so that you can carry several bags from your car to house without putting any strains on your hands;or when on the school run you can clip gym bags, school book bags and lunch bags together
  5. Folded Length: 21 CM


What do we get with the MagiDeal Pram and Stroller Hooks

Four (4) hooks plus we take pride in providing value for what you pay for. 

For prams and more: The best accessory for any pram, car seat or around the house, use to hold nappy bags, backpacks, purses, shopping bags or anything else you can’t fit in your hands. Our hooks are designed to be functional in all spaces.

Our durable hooks and adjustable straps allow for easy installation and immense strength. They clip and adjust easily onto any handle, seat or railing, which is ideal for traveling, or for use in the home. Always have an extra set of hands no matter where you are!

stroller hooks

Let the pram hooks work for you: Our pram hooks allow you to skip the hard work and go hands free in all situations, don’t stress about having full hands again, now enjoy a cheap and durable solution available 24/7.

Our hooks aren’t just for prams, they work equally as well with railings, car seats, handles, and much more.

Anything you can wrap the adjustable strap around, will assist with holding your things. Take advantage of this diverse product to make everyday life that much easier.



Description of the MagiDeal Pram and Stroller Hooks 

– Folded Length: 21 CM
– Width:5CM
– Load Bearing:20kg
– Hook Size:7.5x3CM

Package for the MagiDeal Pram and Stroller Hooks Includes:

2 pieces MagiDeal Pram and Stroller Hooks


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