MAXI COSI Rodi Booster Seat with Air Protect



The Maxi-Cosi Seat Booster is Suitable for 4-8 Years

This seat Booster and Babies Car seat offers excellent protection for a belt-installed high back booster seat with its patented Air Protect® headrest and side impact protection system in the backrest.

MAXI COSI Rodi Booster Seat with Air Protect Suitable Approx. 4-8 Years, Cabernet Black

The Air Protect® technology works by cushioning the head in a side-impact while at the same time reducing the forces around your child’s head by diverting them away and absorbing them into the headrest. Its state-of-the-art air-release system works by increasing `ride-down’ time (the time it takes for a person to come to a complete stop after an accident) to reduce the risk of injury.

This high backed booster car seat can be used from approx. 4 years to 8 years old and it grows with your child using just one hand. The backrest isn’t rigid so adjusts to fit the back rest of your car and by pressing a button at the top of the headrest it can be easily adjusted.

The headrest also has a belt guide to ensure that the car’s seat belt is positioned correctly over the shoulder. The seat is also well padded and has an extra recline position for added comfort.  So with all this combined with the Air Protect® technology in this babies car seat you know that your child with always be safe.

MAXI COSI Rodi Booster Seat with Air Protect Suitable Approx. 4-8 Years, Cabernet Black

Air Protect Superior Side Impact Technology is specifically designed to shield your child’s head from side impact forces through the precise release of air. Air Protect helps to reduce impact by 35%.

Rodi has a two position recline, for comfort, 1 sitting and 1 relaxing position. Expandable side wings provide narrow fitment and comfort whilst easily accomodating your growing child.

Rodi AP headrest can be adjusted to six position, whilst an innovative Anti-Vibration dampener ensures that the seat stays perfectly still when not in use. The belt guides adjust so that they are at the correct height for your child’s shoulder.

Cool Baby’ Wicking fabric that draws the moisture away from your childs skin, keeping your child dry and comfortable. Easy to install and transition from car to car.

While this product is ranked as the number one best seller at Amazon you are assured of great value for this Babies Car Seat Booster