Newborn Baby Sling and Wrap Carrier or Breastfeeding Pouch



Newborn Baby Sling

Often Called a Adjustable Infant Wrap Carrier or a Lightweight Breathable Breastfeeding Pouch

Newborn Baby Sling

Enjoy Hands-Free Freedom While Bonding With Your Baby!

Make sure baby’s nose and mouth are visible. Ensure that the baby doesn’t curl into a “C” position with – the chin resting on or near the chest. You Can Listen to baby’s breathing. Simply Repositioning baby if breathing is raspy, loud or abnormal.
Make sure you can fit at least two fingers between baby’s chin and his or her chest.
Beware that bending over or tripping can cause baby to fall. Keep one hand on baby while moving. ensuring that they remain in the baby breast feeding wrap at all times

Newborn Baby Sling

Start wearing your baby now before it’s too late!

It’s free of buckles, straps and snaps and ties up into the perfect fit every time-just a couple of practice runs with our wrap instructions and you’ll be a total pro.

Key Points about the Breastfeeding Pouch – It is :

Machine washable, No straps, belts or buckles

Use the entire back and shoulders to distribute weight. Allow for discreet breastfeeding

Versatile, there are many ways to wear our baby wrap, you can wear baby facing you, facing world, sideways, or on your back. (consult physician for preemies).

Develop a strong and secure attachment to parents

Suitable for a preemie to 35 lbs(16 kg)