SAFETY 1ST Summit 30 Convertible Car Seat


This Car Seat arrives in packaging that reveals what’s inside and can’t be hidden. If this is a gift, consider shipping to a different address. – be Sure to watch the video on why we use Rear Facing babies Car Seats


SAFETY 1ST Summit 30 Convertible Car Seat

This is the Safety 1St Summit 30 Convertible Car Seat with ISOFIX and Air Protect Superior Side Impact Protection for your babies safety.

This is a Rearward facing for newborn to approx. 12 or 30 months after which you can switch it to a forward facing car seat  to approx. 4 years of age.

It should be clearly noted that there are some of us that will not use the rearward facing position for this baby car seat due to personal preferences – however in the interest of safety it is stated that the rearward facing provides greater safety on impact due to the momentum shifts – personally of this is fitted in the back seat I prefer to see my child so I face it forward , however when positioned in the front seat – which I do from time to time, and not just to put my husband in the back seat, I prefer to have my baby face me – so the rear position is better.
SAFETY 1ST Summit 30 Convertible Car Seat

  • Extended Rearward facing to approximately 30 months (ERF).
  • ISOGO™ ISOFIX compatible soft latch system for simple and secure car installation.
  • Air Protect Superior Side Impact Protection.
  • Removable infant insert and garness pads featuring Natural Antibacterial Protection ®
  • Easy one handed, 3 position recline for child’s comfort.
  • Inbuilt rebound bar design.
  • FREE Accident Exchange service.
  • 5 position headrest, with automatic harness slot change for easy in-car height adjustment.
  • Multi-functional utility straps.

SAFETY 1ST Summit 30 Convertible Car Seat

Suitability of the SAFETY 1ST Summit 30 Convertible Car Seat

  • Readward facing from newborn to the child’s shoulders meets the lower (approx 12 months) or middle (approx. 30 months) height marker.
  • Forward facing from approx. 12 to 30 months of age to appro. 4 years of age or until the child’s shoulders reach the upper height marker.

Remember This :

Rear facing restraints are highly effective in preventing injuries if used correctly, because they fully support the child’s head and neck in the event of a crash. … A 2007 study in the US concluded that rear facing car seats for one to two-year-olds are five times safer than forward facing childrestraints.




Reference Use only – Rear Facing V Forward Facing Car Seats